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29 Apr 2024

Syncing RouterOS address-lists

One of the complexities that comes up when you manage a large number of routers is keeping their configs all in sync. Specifically any commonly access-lists that are used. I wanted to solve this using the Mikrotik API, but that has changed formats between v6 and v7 so its a bit more complex to cover off both versions with one codebase at this time. However by pulling instead of pushing, I was able to massively simplify the process.
23 Apr 2024

RPKI w/ RouterOS v7

I recently acquired a Mikrotik CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS, which is a much faster, much more modern router than the CCR1036-8G-2S+ routers I was using previously. This gives me enough router CPU power to run BGP with full routes, and RPKI validate the routing table.
14 Oct 2022

exabgp 4.x, anycast, and healthchecks

This is a fifth in a blog series about DNS, specifically to address changes in exabgp 4.x, and how its built in healthcheck works.
01 Sep 2020

nginx ISP fence

restricting an nginx application to one or more ISPs
14 Apr 2020

OpenBSD 6.6 BGP Looking Glass

OpenBSD 6.6 BGP Looking Glass