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07 Jan 2013

Which Sites ARE IPv6 Enabled?

So if you have IPv6 you’re probably wondering… so now that I’m here… what’s on it? The answer is not straight forward.

It can be fun to see if a site you visit is IPv6 enabled , and you can do that in Firefox by using the IPvFox addon, or in Chrome using the ipvfoo extension.

Google has embraced IPv6 in a big way, and all of their services work seamlessly over IPv6. Facebook also rolled it out with the big launch this June. Yahoo, Bing, Cisco, USPS, Mikrotik, Blogspot, and any sites hosted behind Cloudflare to name a few. Rackspace has IPv6 available. has positioned themselves as a leader in the area, having offered a free tunnel broker service for the past number of years to assist with adoption.

Freshports has an ipv6 subdomain, but has not rolled it out on the main site yet due to being over a tunnel I’m assuming.

Theodore Baschak - Theo is a network engineer with experience operating core internet technologies like HTTP, HTTPS and DNS. He has extensive experience running service provider networks with OSPF, MPLS, and BGP.