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02 Jan 2014

2014: IPv6 and HTML5

I’ve switched to using a new site/blog engine, Octopress. It uses markdown, which is my new favourite way of writing things. It lets you focus on writing text, and uses simple wiki-like formatting. It also allows you to intersperse HTML where needed.

Coming soon, a more in depth article about how to setup a VM for OpenBSD running OpenBGPD as a BGP looking glass, then after that, the same thing with Bird running on FreeBSD or Linux. After that, more IPv6! I think 2014 will turn out to be rather important for IPv6.

I have been very busy this winter on infrastructure related projects. I’ve presented at BSidesWpg (a local security conference), turned up several new AS numbers on the internet, moved a giant learning management system from Saskatchewan to Manitoba, and been busy designing big network things. I have also been looking at BigPlg, which looks very interesting indeed.

This new blogging engine makes it super easy to embed a GitHub Gist too!

Theodore Baschak - Theo is a network engineer with experience operating core internet technologies like HTTP, HTTPS and DNS. He has extensive experience running service provider networks with OSPF, MPLS, and BGP.