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13 Jan 2014

UPS SNMP Management

Having put an IP address on the management card of a APC Symmetra RM 12000 recently, I set out to setting up Nagios to monitor it today. I found a plugin called which seemed to work fairly well. It was also quite nicely supported in Observium.

Downloading the plugin and executing it checked out OK:

$ ./ -H -C public
Symmetra RM 12000, reporting for duty
$ ./ -H -C public -l status
OK: UPS is online (Runtime remaining: 29 minutes)|'Runtime Remaining'=29m;
$ ./ -H -C public -l health
OK: Self test passed on 01/07/2014 (5 days ago)
$ ./ -H -C public -l load
OK: Output load: 10% |load=10%;0;0;0

After adding a check_command, I added service checks to monitor the UPS host. After forcing a check, I was getting errors about “Service check did not exit properly”. Going back to the page on, I read thru the comments. The second comment fixed the issue for me, apparently built in Perl in Nagios may not be 100% the same as the CLI. I added /usr/bin/perl in front of the check command and it immediately returned results like the CLI testing had.

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