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IP Quail

Sun, 19 Jan 2014 02:13:29 -0600 » Anycast, BGP, IPv6, ISP, Nerd Projects, Networking » Estimated read time: 1 min

I’ve long been a fan of IP Chicken, however it isn’t anycasted, and it doesn’t support IPv6. I’ve had a non-anycasted IPv4/IPv6 capable version called ipfowl which I run at

Enter my new creation: IP Quail

I set out to create my own service which I could host at HenchCDN, a local CDN which aims to anycast content via several internet exchanges to be nearer to end users. I purchased and set it up on my two HenchCDN nodes, and after several revisions, I had a web service up and running.

Instead of using PHP, since it only needs to display the REMOTE_ADDR, I changed to using simple SSI. This ensures much higher performance. I’m using Bootstrap for simplicity, cross platform responsiveness, and to grid and style the page elements.

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