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Learning Python: Part 1

Sun, 30 Mar 2014 22:29:45 -0500 » Nerd Projects, Programming » Estimated read time: 1 min

I’ve heard a lot about python, its certainly a very popular language on Github, and I’ve been wanting to learn it for quite a while. This week ran though a quick 2-hour “Up and Running with Python” on I’ve got some code experience, mostly from PHP and Perl scripts I’ve hacked to make sysadmin tasks easier, simple interfaces to databases, etc, but I’m certainly not a professional programmer.

I spent a little time today using unifi-hackers/unifi-api to interface with several UBNT Unifi controllers. In less than 30 minutes I had some pretty nice information coming out of I’ve also been hacking at tbaschak/reflections for the last few weeks, which is a Python/scapy project to explore several extremely common DOS vectors.