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06 Apr 2014

Observium 0.14.4

I just noticed that Observium released a new Community Edition release (0.14.4) on April 1. The changes (and additions!!!) mentioned in the CHANGELOG are numerous, and include several security fixes – including for an SQL injection so it is important to upgrade your installation right away, especially if your installation is public-facing.

Upgrading, as always, is simple. Backup your installation, and then unpack the new files over the old ones

cd /opt
cp -r observium observium.bak
tar xzf observium-community-0.14.4.tar.gz
cd observium
./discovery.php -h none

Update several hours later

I’ve been playing with observium for many hours now, sooo many things are fixed, improved, clearer, etc now. One of the things I am now using is the Description Parser, to label ports as Customer, Transit, Peering, Core, or Server. This also makes aggregate Transit, Peering, and Transit+Peering graphs! I have long missed my aggregate graphs from cacti, and this was available to use the whole time!

Update several more hours later

The most recent release is 0.14.4p1 (6th April 2014)

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