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Epic Technology Day Spring 2014

Thu, 24 Apr 2014 19:10:00 -0500 » Networking, Security, Brocade, IPv6, Virtualization » Estimated read time: 1 min

I attended Epic Technology Day (Wednesday, April 23, 2014) for the first time this year. I’ve often wanted to go, but not been sure of my schedule. This year I opted to register and see what came along. I was able to attend the full day in the end, and I had a great time and learned a lot as well. I was hoping that Brocade would be giving away one of their VDX switches as a door prize, but that wasn’t the case. :-) The door prizes given away were pretty decent though, including several vendor’s AP products.

The sessions which I took in were (in order):

  • Manitoba Data Centre Overview (Epic & Ehvert Mission Critical)
  • Data Center Evolution - Goodbye Complicated and Hello Automated (Brocade)
  • Introduction to Software-Defined Networking (SDN) (Brocade)
  • Manitoba Data Centre Overview (Epic & Ehvert Mission Critical)
  • MTS Wavelength Overview (MTS)

Yes, I took in the data centre overview twice, the first time (9:00AM) was so packed, I had to stand in the back and didn’t catch everything. The second time around I had a seat near the front at a table even. I enjoyed all the sessions I took in, they were both entertaining and informative as well.

I was a little surprised and somewhat saddened to not see IPv6 mentioned on the program or hear it mentioned in a session. Generally, I find the lack of drive towards end user IPv6 deployment in Manitoba absolutely astonishing, and very “head in the sand”.