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Mon, 02 Jun 2014 19:54:44 -0500 » Networking, Nerd Projects, CLI, IPv6, Anycast, Network Monitoring » Estimated read time: 1 min

I’ve been wanting to play with GeoDNS to direct clients to servers with content nearer to them for a long time. It seems that I’ve got two different options to explore, Bind GeoIP patches and abh/geodns a GeoDNS server written in Go.

One of the things which I noticed while patching for Heartbleed, was that my FreeBSD systems with ports took much longer to patch than my Debian systems. The Debian systems were simply apt-get update; apt-get upgrade with a reboot after. The Bind GeoIP patches aren’t available as an a build option in FreeBSD. This means that I will need to maintain a custom build environment for this, and lose the ability to use the built in packaging benefits/speed.

I think in the long term, if abh/geodns does what I want it to, I will likely end up using it specifically for GeoDNS. I will probably keep using Bind for general DNS though, and perhaps fire up a MyDNS-ng server and start writing the web API I’ve been wanting to to manage DNS records in it.