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Service Status via SaltStack 2014.7 with Nagios

Fri, 21 Nov 2014 23:14:59 -0600 » Nerd Projects, Nagios, Network Monitoring, CLI, Programming, Virtualization, SaltStack, System Administration » Estimated read time: 2 mins

One of the most exciting new features to me in SaltStack 2014.7 is the nagios module. This module supports remote execution of nagios-plugins on your minions. It can also execute pre-defined lists of checks and targets defined (and targeted) in a Pillar. Jinja templating and Grains can of course be used as well, making for an extremely versatile monitoring and testing solution.

I haven’t implemented anything crazy with it yet, but I am really seeing the power of this. A couple ideas off the top of my head:

  • Service configuration best practices checklists
  • Distributed connectivity tests
  • Distributed latency reporting

I would like to build a very simple internal help desk service status page with no Nagios back-end requirement, perhaps even just running out of a */5 * * * * ... cron with the JSON output from salt --out=json -s -G roles:monitoring nagios.run_all_pillar nagios_test redirected to a file in a web directory, then displayed to help desk techs via jQuery/HTML5 generated page with nice green/yellow/red statuses for each item monitored based on the return codes of the checks.

I have made a documentation pull request to SaltStack, their example pillar on the nagios module docs doesn’t fully work as exists in the docs right now.

** Update: ** My doc changes have been committed! I’ve got one commit in SaltStack!

Below is a working simple sample nagios check Pillar and some output from when it is run.


    - nagios


    - check_icmp:
    - check_icmp:
    - check_load: -w 0.8 -c 1
    - check_apt

This check Pillar can then be run with salt nagios.\* nagios.run_pillar nagios_test, and produces output like below:
            APT OK: 0 packages available for upgrade (0 critical updates).
            OK - load average: 0.09, 0.13, 0.13|load1=0.090;0.800;1.000;0; load5=0.130;0.800;1.000;0; load15=0.130;0.800;1.000;0;
            OK - rta 30.415ms, lost 0%|rta=30.415ms;200.000;500.000;0; pl=0%;40;80;; rtmax=30.718ms;;;; rtmin=30.226ms;;;;
            OK - rta 1.328ms, lost 0%|rta=1.328ms;200.000;500.000;0; pl=0%;40;80;; rtmax=1.425ms;;;; rtmin=1.247ms;;;;