Theodore Baschak

Routing Guru. IPv6 Advocate. Operator of Hextet Systems (AS395089).

Phased Service Moves

Fri, 05 Dec 2014 18:52:24 -0600 » Networking, System Administration, BGP » Estimated read time: 1 min

This evening I successfully moved a second set of services from service provider IP space to BGP IP space. The first phase of this project began over a year ago – I turned up AS62758 in early December 2013 prior to the migration of a Learning Management System. With this second phase now complete, most externally offered services are now running on BGP IP addresses. I have two more remaining phases, to move the access NAT network, and to move a Student Information System. These remaining two phases will be happening over the next two weekends.

Pre-Change Changes

  • Reduced TTL values on affected records a week before the change.
  • Pre-configured new firewall with new IP addresses, 1:1 NATs, and allow/deny rules.
  • Pre-configured PTR records.
  • Pre-modified SPF record to add new IP range.
  • Tested several of the port forwards with a simple Debian VM running an nginx server to display a success page.


  • Changed affected VM’s network from old to new network.
  • Made several cabling changes/additions.


All testing was successful, which makes sense, as no changes needed to be made on the systems themselves, just firewall, and physical/virtual cabling changes.