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08 Mar 2015

ASN Growth in Manitoba

I recently started maintaining this graph which shows the total number of AS Numbers in Manitoba. You will notice the dramatic increase in 2013 and 2014.

When I tweeted the link to this graph, I got a reply back from Andree Toonk (of almost immediately:

He was completely right. The steep growth was a direct result of two IXP’s starting in Winnipeg/Manitoba.

After two years, approximately half of the 60 or so ASNs operating in Manitoba are currently peered at either MBIX or WpgIX. There is approximately 1 Gbps of traffic being exchanged locally. The ironic thing is now that the Manitoba Research Network (MRNET) has peered at MBIX, most of the small and rural ISPs have better/closer access to the Universities than customers of the big players. I am interested to know if the increased local peering makes a difference at registration time.

Theodore Baschak - Theo is a network engineer with experience operating core internet technologies like HTTP, HTTPS and DNS. He has extensive experience running service provider networks with OSPF, MPLS, and BGP.