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2017 Canadian ISP Summit

Sun, 12 Nov 2017 17:26:00 -0600 » Networking, ISP, BGP, Security, Troubleshooting, Network Operator Group, System Administration » Estimated read time: 3 mins

This past week I was in Toronto for the 2017 Canadian ISP Summit put on by CNOC. This was my first time traveling outside of Winnipeg to meet a group of my networking peers. The conference is hard capped at 350 participants, and it was fully sold out again this year. It takes place in downtown Toronto in the heart of where a lot of Internet happens in Canada.

The first morning before the conference began I was able to do a small walking tour of some of the downtown area, including walking by and around 151 Front St. I saw some kale and arugula growing in a planter box which made me think of my dad and his urban gardening. I also had a great lunch and beer at the Amsterdam Brewhouse on the waterfront.

There was a wide variety of other groups there, and I spoke with people from:

  • ARIN
  • CIRA
  • CNOC
  • CanWISP
  • Various Telcos
  • Fixed wireless gear distributors
  • Copper last mile gear distributors
  • Fiber CPE/MUX gear distributors
  • Other Canadian Internet Exchanges
    • TORIX
    • YXEIX
    • VanIX
    • QIX
    • AtlanticIX
    • Others that I’m forgetting
  • Akamai
  • TekSavvy
  • Cogeco
  • Other WISPs
  • Other TPIAs

After the ISP Summit a bunch of the various Internet Exchange board members, and operations team members as well all got together and talked about where we’re all at. These face-to-face meetings are really important to establish who the various faces behind the names that post often on the mailing lists are. That has already resulted in postive changes for Manitoban Internet being started behind the scenes now.

I also visited Equinix TR2, which was an amazing facility to walk thru on the way to our rack.

Internet happens here. #Toronto #Winnipeger

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Of special note, I got an amazing Mexican hot chocolate and omelette at a place called Cocao 70 Distillery just around the corner from TR2.

My Mexican hot chocolate, light fruit salad, and amazing omelette! #cacao70 #cacao70toronto #MillStreet #Toronto #Winnipeger

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