Theo is an experienced network and system operator, and definitely a BOFH. He has 16 years experience administering core internet technologies like HTTP, HTTPS and DNS on Linux and FreeBSD platforms, and 10 years experience operating routed ISP networks from small thru province-wide including operating a satellite network. He has extensive experience running large IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack networks with OSPF, EIGRP, and BGP.

After experiences all over the scale, he prefers running BGP on well planned, well documented, fully redundant networks. He currently operates AS395089 (Hextet Systems) and AS55101 (Daemon Defense Systems).

One does not simply configure EIGRP without 'no auto-summary'

Being a strong advocate for BGP, and what it can do, Theo has been involved with both Internet Exchanges in Winnipeg. He helped run the first packets across Winnipeg Internet Exchange, currently sits on the board of the Manitoba Internet Exchange as well as participating in the MBIX Operations Team.

Theo likes simplicity. Nice, simple things like Markdown. That is why this blog/website uses Jekyll. Every part of this website (blog posts, pages, etc) are all generated from Markdown source pages and then baked to static HTML files and shipped over to the webserver. He also writes all his documentation in Markdown, and uses pandoc to generate other (HTML, PDF, Word, etc) formats as necessary using Makefiles.