Below is the status today for all ASNs I could find that operate in Alberta, or are Alberta Companies. I check the status of each ASN fairly often and update things as they change. Please Contact Me if you have any updates.

Icon Status Key

Icons are from a BGP advertisement perspective.

Icon Meaning
IPv4 advertisement(s)
IPv4 not advertised
IPv6 advertisement(s)
IPv6 not advertised

ASN Status Table

Alberta ASNs

ASN Name v4 / v6 BGP BGP LG
AS542 Alberta Research Council Active LG
AS825 Canadian Forces Weather Services Inactive LG
AS1633 353233 Alberta LTD Active LG
AS1821 Network Innovations Inc. Active LG
AS2735 Eastern Irrigation District Active LG
AS3055 SHL Systemhouse, Inc. Inactive LG
AS3359 University of Alberta Active LG
AS3397 Davinci Broadband Inc. Active LG
AS4872 Alberta Health Services Inactive LG
AS6171 WorldGate Active LG
AS6327 Shaw Communications Inc. Active LG
AS6638 OA Internet Inc. Inactive LG
AS7826 Canada Connect Corp. Inactive LG
AS7878 Telnet Canada Enterprises, Ltd. Inactive LG
AS8090 Crossfire Information Systems Inactive LG
AS8165 DataBoss Inc Inactive LG
AS10360 Software Alberta Society Inactive LG
AS10482 Shaw Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS11033 LYNXNET.CA Inactive LG
AS11234 Hyduke Energy Services Inc. Active LG
AS11257 University of Lethbridge Active LG
AS11507 Medicine Hat College Active LG
AS11510 Tridon Communications Inactive LG
AS13594 Microtek Corporation Inactive LG
AS13608 Wolf Creek Public Schools Inactive LG
AS13650 Axia Connect Ltd. Active LG
AS13804 ATG Arrow Technology Group Limited Partnership Active LG
AS13858 TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Active LG
AS13911 Tera-byte Dot Com Inc. Active LG
AS14176 Rhoann Enterprises Ltd. Inactive LG
AS14426 Grant MacEwan University Active LG
AS14562 Shaw Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS14817 Syncrude Canada Limited Active LG
AS14820 Virgin Technologies Inc Active LG
AS14873 Alberta Treasury Branches Active LG
AS14875 NovAtel Inc. Active LG
AS15296 Cybera Inc Active LG
AS16569 City of Calgary Active LG
AS16580 Athabasca University Active LG
AS16583 Care Factor Computer Services Inc Active LG
AS16623 Alberta Health Services Active LG
AS17181 The Calgary Airport Authority Active LG
AS18446 Kihew Technologies Inc. Inactive LG
AS18587 AltaGas Utilities Inc. Active LG
AS18627 Calgary Board of Education Inactive LG
AS18638 Active LG
AS18750 Lexicom Ltd. Active LG
AS18805 Weatherford Canada Partnership Active LG
AS19039 DurableDNS Inc Active LG
AS19075 Shaw Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS19166 Northern Lights School Division No 69 Inactive LG
AS19220 Calgary Board of Education Active LG
AS19286 Morad Communications Ltd. Active LG
AS19394 Forzani Group Limited Active LG
AS19423 Lethbridge Community College Active LG
AS19561 Shaw Telecom G.P. Inactive LG
AS19566 Pason Systems Corp Active LG
AS19756 Alberta Communication Cable Services Inc Inactive LG
AS19869 EnCana Corporation Active LG
AS20076 ADVANIS Inc. Inactive LG
AS22339 Inunision Active LG
AS22404 Nucleus Information Service, Inc. Inactive LG
AS22457 Corridor Communications, INC. Active LG
AS22512 OpenBSD Active LG
AS22623 FortisAlberta Inc. Active LG
AS22893 Trinus Technologies Inc. Active LG
AS23107 Petro-Canada Inactive LG
AS23159 Harewaves Wireless Inc Active LG
AS23163 Nexen Inc. Active LG
AS23214 Chinook’s Edge School Division No. 73 Inactive LG
AS23229 TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Active LG
AS25635 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Active LG
AS25872 Rocky View Schools Active LG
AS25925 City of Lethbridge Active LG
AS25983 Enmax Envision Inc. Active LG
AS26025 City of Calgary Active LG
AS26037 Red Deer College Inactive LG
AS26300 Missing Link Internet inc. Active LG
AS26546 Nucleus Information Service, Inc. Active LG
AS26871 Edmonton Public School Board, District No. 7 Active LG
AS27275 The Banff Centre for Continuing Education Active LG
AS27584 Clearwave Broadband Networks Inc. Inactive LG
AS27623 Edmonton Public Library Active LG
AS29747 Prairie Rose School Division No. 8 Active LG
AS30400 AltaLink LP Active LG
AS30431 Devon Canada Corporation Active LG
AS30500 Wolfpaw Services Active LG
AS30611 Luscar Ltd. Inactive LG
AS31934 Alliance Pipeline Ltd. Active LG
AS32521 Canadian Natural Resources Limited Active LG
AS32536 4WEB.CA Active LG
AS32716 Northern Lakes College Inactive LG
AS32738 Hybrid Wireless Inc Active LG
AS32792 TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Active LG
AS32856 Haemonetics Active LG
AS33091 University of Calgary Active LG
AS33096 Bow Valley College Active LG
AS33375 Switch Incorporated Inactive LG
AS33549 Whipcord Ltd. Active LG
AS35887 Precision Drilling Corporation Active LG
AS36122 Horizon School Division 67 Inactive LG
AS36140 Edmonton Transit Service Inactive LG
AS36181 Natural Gas Exchange Inc. Active LG
AS36337 Sandwell Inc., DATAP Systems Division Active LG
AS36534 Alberta Health Services Active LG
AS36698 Fatbanana Broadband Inc. Active LG
AS36817 MCSNet Active LG
AS40053 Bioware Corp. Active LG
AS40119 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Active LG
AS40202 Edgar HighSpeed Inc. Active LG
AS40416 Tough Country Communications Ltd. Inactive LG
AS46184 NorQuest College Active LG
AS46554 Baytex Energy Ltd. Active LG
AS46630 Canadian Pacific Railway Company Active LG
AS46737 Planet Telecom Active LG
AS46772 Edmonton Regional Airport Authority Active LG
AS46877 Alberta Electric System Operator Active LG
AS53339 YYCIX Inactive LG
AS53403 Mount Royal University Active LG
AS53583 Westjet Airlines Limited Active LG
AS53584 West Canadian Digital Imaging Inactive LG
AS53661 PPI Active LG
AS53906 Lethbridge School District No. 51 Active LG
AS53987 Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Active LG
AS54182 Axia Connect Limited Active LG
AS54296 Gibson Energy ULC Active LG
AS54307 Alberta College of Art and Design Active LG
AS54359 Netago Active LG
AS54453 Medicine Hat School District #76 Active LG
AS54477 Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 Active LG
AS54520 Calgary Catholic School District Active LG
AS54605 Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division #14 Active LG
AS54807 F12 Networks Inc. Active LG
AS54841 O-NET Active LG
AS54884 Grasslands Public Schools Active LG
AS54987 Actrack Solutions Inc. Active LG
AS55016 Imperium Inc. Active LG
AS55019 Gemini Positioning Systems Ltd. Inactive LG
AS55084 Interscale Inc Inactive LG
AS55162 Sniper Satellite & Comunications LTD Inactive LG
AS55206 Foothills School Division No. 38 Active LG
AS62470 Keeran Systems Inactive LG
AS62502 YEGIX Internet Exchange Community Ltd. Inactive LG
AS62596 Axia SuperNet Ltd Active LG
AS62623 St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 38 Inactive LG
AS62649 Critical Mass Inc. Active LG
AS62742 HSCS Inactive LG
AS62845 Airenet Internet Solutions Active LG
AS62925 Industrial Evolution Corp. Active LG
AS62960 Ltd. Inactive LG
AS62993 Catch Engineering Partnership Active LG
AS63004 Infosat Communications LP Active LG
AS393468 Concordia University of Edmonton Active LG
AS393659 North West Redwater Partnership Active LG
AS393686 G.P.N. Wireless Network Solutions Ltd. Active LG
AS393712 ENTREC Corporation Active LG
AS393952 Service Alberta Active LG
AS394006 Nexxcom Technologies Ltd. Active LG
AS394023 Olds College Inactive LG
AS394347 Supreme Group LP Active LG
AS394650 TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Active LG
AS394684 Ltd Inactive LG
AS394731 Canadian Natural Resources Limited Active LG
AS394766 PCL Constructors INC Inactive LG
AS394831 Clearview Public Schools Active LG
AS395156 The King’s University Active LG
AS395205 ENMAX Inactive LG
AS395405 OIlers Entertainment Group Limited Inactive LG
AS395546 Crossover Networks Inactive LG
AS395559 Arrow Group Inc. Active LG
AS395600 copyseis ltd. Inactive LG
AS395660 The City of Edmonton Active LG
AS395938 Generic dot Business Ltd. Active LG
AS396015 CCINET LTD Active LG
AS396125 CCL Networks Inc Active LG
AS396294 Converging Technology Solutions Inc. Active LG
AS396302 YYC Net Lab Active LG
AS396328 WiMacTel Canada Inc. Inactive LG
AS396374 3C Information Solutions Inc. Inactive LG
AS396475 Alberta Investment Management Corporation Active LG
AS396515 YYCIX Active LG
AS396951 TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Active LG
AS396960 TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Active LG
AS397130 SmartLayer Business Solutions Inactive LG
AS397136 F12 Networks Inc. Inactive LG


  • Total ASNS: 192
  • Active ASNs: 136 or 70.83%
    • Dualstack IPv4+IPv6: 27 or 14.06%
    • IPv6 Advertised: 27 or 14.06%
    • IPv6 only: 0 or 0.00%
    • IPv4 only: 109 or 56.77%

Graph showing the growth of Alberta ASNs, using chart.js.

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