Below is the status today for all ASNs I could find that operate in British Columbia, or are British Columbia Companies. I check the status of each ASN fairly often and update things as they change. Please Contact Me if you have any updates.

Icon Status Key

Icons are from a BGP advertisement perspective.

Icon Meaning
IPv4 advertisement(s)
IPv4 not advertised
IPv6 advertisement(s)
IPv6 not advertised

ASN Status Table

British Columbia ASNs

ASN Name v4 / v6 BGP BGP LG
AS271 BCnet Active LG
AS821 Designed Information Systems Corporation Inactive LG
AS852 TELUS Communications Inc. Active LG
AS1624 SITA Information Networking Computing Canada Ltd Active LG
AS1691 TELUS Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS2919 Designed Information Systems Corporation Inactive LG
AS3609 Cyberstore Systems Inc. Inactive LG
AS3633 Province of British Columbia Active LG
AS4280 Playfullscreen Inactive LG
AS4321 Intergrated Network Services Inc. Inactive LG
AS4476 British Columbia Institute of Technology Active LG
AS5071 WesTel Telecommunications Active LG
AS5110 City of Vancouver Active LG
AS5743 Port Metro Vancouver Active LG
AS5765 TELUS Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS5788 Vancouver Coastal Health Active LG
AS6391 Urban Networks Inc. Active LG
AS6422 Okanagan Internet Junction, Inc. Inactive LG
AS6539 Bell Canada Active LG
AS6561 JUCE Communications Inc Active LG
AS6602 Dawson Construction Ltd. Inactive LG
AS6987 Axion Internet Inc. Inactive LG
AS7100 Prodigy Technologies Corporation Inactive LG
AS7299 ProNET Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS7402 MultiActive Technologies Inc. Inactive LG
AS7445 TELUS Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS7861 TELUS Communications Inc. Active LG
AS7928 AIC Asia International Services Corporation Inactive LG
AS8013 TELUS Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS10341 IBC Inactive LG
AS11031 Orbis Investments (Canada) Limited Active LG
AS11105 Simon Fraser University Active LG
AS11831 eSecureData Active LG
AS13764 Kwantlen Polytechnic University Active LG
AS13937 Uniserve On Line Inactive LG
AS14007 Skyway West Active LG
AS14027 Beacon Wireless Active LG
AS14118 FortisBC Inc. Inactive LG
AS14158 First West Credit Union Active LG
AS14190 Best Buy Canada Ltd. Active LG
AS14240 Microsemi Storage Solutions Ltd Active LG
AS14280 NetNation Communications Inc Active LG
AS14642 Morewave Communication Inc. Active LG
AS14651 RSL COM Canada Inc. Active LG
AS14663 TELUS Communications Inc. Active LG
AS14918 Uniserve On Line Inactive LG
AS15000 Global Relay Communications Inc. Active LG
AS15061 Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Inactive LG
AS15101 Central 1 Credit Union Active LG
AS15152 TELIPHONE INC. Inactive LG
AS15247 Radiant Communications Ltd. Active LG
AS16462 University of Victoria Active LG
AS16598 BCAA Active LG
AS16696 iTel Networks Inc Active LG
AS16866 Columbia Networks Inc. Active LG
AS17241 Quantalgo Ventures, Inc. Active LG
AS18901 Samco Software Inc. Inactive LG
AS18988 City West Cable & Telephone Corp. Active LG
AS19062 W3 International Media Ltd. Active LG
AS19120 Infocube Technology Limited Active LG
AS19171 Stargate Connections Inc. Active LG
AS19190 TELUS Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS19202 Backbone Data Vault Inc Active LG
AS19234 Canada Web Hosting Active LG
AS19297 WeatherCity Services Inactive LG
AS19351 Teck Resources Limited Active LG
AS19432 Sierra Wireless, Inc. Active LG
AS19662 Uniserve On Line Active LG
AS19968 Mark Anthony Group Inc. Active LG
AS21659 Ucluelet Video Services Ltd. Inactive LG
AS21723 Radiant Communications Ltd. Inactive LG
AS21724 Radiant Communications Canada Ltd. Active LG
AS22424 Corporation of The District of North Vancouver Active LG
AS22784 South Island Internet Services Ltd. Inactive LG
AS22799 Delta Cable Communications Ltd. Active LG
AS23181 Quicksilver Wireless Active LG
AS25668 Cipherkey Exchange Corp. Active LG
AS25722 Payment Processing Inc. Inactive LG
AS25749 Uniserve On Line Inactive LG
AS25820 IT7 Networks Inc Active LG
AS25999 Provision Data Systems Inc. Active LG
AS26323 Digital Payment Technologies Corp. Active LG
AS26441 HyperWALLET Systems Inc Active LG
AS26672 Electronic Arts Canada Active LG
AS26753 In2net Network Inc. Active LG
AS26968 PSD Professional Systems/Designs, Ltd Active LG
AS27232 Voxter Communications, Inc. Active LG
AS27256 Cybernet Communications Ltd Active LG
AS27367 Pushware Wireless Inc Active LG
AS29741 Radiant Communications Corp. (Alberta) Inactive LG
AS30068 SkyTrac Systems LTD Active LG
AS30085 isoHunt Web Technologies, Inc. Inactive LG
AS30158 ARIMA Networks Inc. Active LG
AS30295 2iC Systems Inc. Active LG
AS30539 Flowfinity Wireless Inc Active LG
AS31870 AdPerfect Dynamic Advertising Solutions Ltd. Active LG
AS31931 HootSuite Media Inc. Active LG
AS32237 Greater Victoria Public Library Inactive LG
AS32359 Probst Enterprises LTD. Inactive LG
AS32435 DotAlliance Inactive LG
AS32956 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Active LG
AS33169 Utherverse Digital Inc. Active LG
AS33303 Metrobridge Networks USA Corporation Active LG
AS33314 Vancouver Community College Inactive LG
AS33333 Awknet Communications, Inc. Active LG
AS35875 StormCloud Network (Canada) Incorprated Active LG
AS35949 Sea to Sky Network Solutions Inc. Active LG
AS36000 Northern Health Authority Active LG
AS36391 TRIUMF (Tri-University Meson Facility) Active LG
AS36483 Gossamer Threads Inc. Active LG
AS40029 Novus Entertainment Inc. Active LG
AS40282 PNE Active LG
AS40438 Canhost Inc. Active LG
AS40543 1-800-GOT-JUNK Inactive LG
AS40598 British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association Inactive LG
AS40611 Uniserve On Line Inactive LG
AS40759 B.C. Hydro Inactive LG
AS40797 SSAI Inactive LG
AS40808 Vancouver International Airport Authority Active LG
AS40820 Van-Kam Freightways Ltd. Active LG
AS40854 Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. Active LG
AS40915 PC Helpline Computer Support Inc. Active LG
AS46383 Translink Active LG
AS46482 Contigo Systems Inc. Active LG
AS46882 RhiCom Networks Inc. Active LG
AS46915 Lyttonnet Active LG
AS46926 Payment Processing Inc. Active LG
AS46959 Vancouver Convention Centre Active LG
AS53349 RBBS Telecom Inc. Active LG
AS53356 uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd Inactive LG
AS53359 CUBE Global Storage Ltd. Active LG
AS53405 Robson Communications Inc. Active LG
AS53442 City of Coquitlam Active LG
AS53714 London Drugs Limited Active LG
AS54133 Active LG
AS54368 Coast Capital Savings Credit Union Active LG
AS54429 Wavefront Wireless Commercialization Centre Society Inactive LG
AS54442 Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Active LG
AS54444 Avesta Networks LLC Active LG
AS54461 Bridge Studios Active LG
AS54527 Astute Hosting Inc. Active LG
AS54643 Idigital Internet Inc. Active LG
AS54652 Plentyoffish Media Inc Active LG
AS54719 TELUS Communications Inc. Active LG
AS54759 Raftview Communications Ltd Active LG
AS54764 Casting Workbook Services Inc. Active LG
AS54830 Colony Networks Inc Active LG
AS54867 PacRim Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS54877 District of Maple ridge Active LG
AS55003 Columbia Wireless Inc Active LG
AS55124 E-Comm 911 Active LG
AS55130 Provision Data Systems Inc. Active LG
AS55185 BC Libraries Cooperative Active LG
AS62466 ClearDDoS Technologies Inactive LG
AS62487 Keta Cable Inc Active LG
AS62686 Vision Critical Inactive LG
AS62692 Camosun College Active LG
AS62726 Windward Software Inc. Active LG
AS62969 ABC Allen Business Communications Ltd Active LG
AS63052 Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation Active LG
AS63064 Pretium Resources Inc. Inactive LG
AS63126 Aptient Consulting Group Inc. Active LG
AS63213 Astute Hosting Inc. Active LG
AS63297 Pacific Servers Inc. Active LG
AS64265 ZLT Inactive LG
AS393217 TELUS Communications Inc. Inactive LG
AS393242 British Columbia Lottery Corp Active LG
AS393249 University of British Columbia Active LG
AS393388 HyperWALLET Systems Inc Inactive LG
AS393498 White Falcon Communications Inactive LG
AS393504 XNS Technology Group Inc. Active LG
AS393540 E-xact Transactions (Canada) Ltd. Active LG
AS393653 Wizard Tower Techno Services Active LG
AS393755 Telephonic Communications Inc. Active LG
AS393962 Cyclone Systems Inc. Inactive LG
AS393966 Capilano University Active LG
AS394256 Tech Futures Interactive Inc. Active LG
AS394312 Doxim Inactive LG
AS394405 DataCloud Technologies Ltd Inactive LG
AS394745 Lunanode Hosting Inc. Inactive LG
AS394971 Okanagan College Active LG
AS395049 Proximus Information Technology Inactive LG
AS395064 Douglas College Active LG
AS395096 Absolute Software Corporation Inactive LG
AS395152 Telephonic Communications Inc. Active LG
AS395167 Pro Omnis Telecommunication Ltd. Active LG
AS395298 Happier IT Inc. Active LG
AS395328 City of Nanaimo Inactive LG
AS395432 Globex Internet Sevices Corporation Inactive LG
AS395449 Arc’teryx Equipment Active LG
AS395766 Telephonic Communications Inc. Active LG
AS395807 Selkirk College Active LG
AS395991 College of the Rockies Active LG
AS396005 New Westminster Public Library Inactive LG
AS396110 Creation Technologies LP Active LG
AS396237 SilverServers Inc. Inactive LG
AS396263 Twin Island Communications Ltd Active LG
AS396341 NASN Licensing Inc. Active LG
AS396472 0764016 B.C. Ltd. Active LG
AS396503 10VPN Hosting Active LG
AS396894 Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. Active LG
AS397023 Canadian Shield Data Center Inc Active LG
AS397070 City of Kamloops Inactive LG


  • Total ASNS: 211
  • Active ASNs: 146 or 69.19%
    • Dualstack IPv4+IPv6: 50 or 23.70%
    • IPv6 Advertised: 51 or 24.17%
    • IPv6 only: 1 or 0.47%
    • IPv4 only: 95 or 45.02%

Graph showing the growth of British Columbia ASNs, using chart.js.

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