Below is the status today for all ASNs I could find that operate in Manitoba, or are Manitoban Companies. I check the status of each ASN fairly often and update things as they change. Please Contact Me if you have any updates.

Icon Status Key

Icons are from a BGP advertisement perspective.

Icon Meaning
IPv4 advertisement(s)
IPv4 allocated but not advertised
IPv6 advertisement(s)
IPv6 allocated but not advertised

ASN Status Table

National/International ASNs Operating in Manitoba

ASN Name v4 / v6 BGP
AS6327 Shaw Communications Inc. active
AS6539 Bell/Group Telecom active
AS6939 Hurricane Electric, Inc. active
AS15290 Allstream Corp. active
AS20161 TeraGo Networks Inc. active
AS22995 Xplornet Communications Inc. active

Manitoban ASNs

ASN Name v4 / v6 BGP BGP LG
AS7122 MTS Allstream Inc. active LG
AS7442 Federated Insurance Company of Canada active LG
AS10965 MRNET active LG
AS14099 On-Call Solutions active LG
AS14268 Northern Computer Solutions Ltd. active LG
AS14338 KORE Wireless inactive LG
AS14866 Voi Networks Inc. active LG
AS15102 Wiband Communications active LG
AS16395 Manitoba Internet Exchange Inc. active LG
AS16543 Gate West Communications Inc. active LG
AS16796 MERLIN active LG
AS17001 University of Manitoba active LG
AS18451 LES.NET active LG
AS18472 Canadian Museum for Human Rights active LG LG2
AS18534 Fiber.CA active LG
AS18588 Postmedia Network Inc. active LG
AS19016 Westman Communications Group active LG
AS19041 Manitoba Hydro International LTD active LG
AS19053 Epic Information Solutions active LG
AS20273 Prairie Communications Ltd   inactive LG
AS20291 3T Systems Ltd active LG
AS21671 Manitoba Hydro active LG
AS21774 The Exchange Global Server Center active LG
AS22165 Ducks Unlimited Canada   inactive LG
AS22839 Standard Aero Ltd. active LG LG2
AS23001 Ultimate Internet Corp. active LG LG2
AS23523 Voyageur Internet Inc active LG
AS26110 Manitoba Hydro International LTD active LG
AS26320 Monarch Industries Ltd. active LG
AS27265 Ceridian Canada Ltd. active LG
AS27618 T. Grand Networks Inc. active LG
AS30028 Manitoba NetSet Ltd. active LG
AS31914 Hutterian Broadband Network Inc. active LG
AS32433 Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd. active LG LG2
AS32584 I-Net Link Wireless active LG
AS32773 Commstream Communications Inc. active LG
AS46300 High Speed Crow Inc. active LG
AS46920 RF Now Inc active LG
AS54454 NoLimits Internet Solutions active LG
AS54899 Voyageur Internet inactive LG
AS54937 MacDon Industries Ltd. active LG LG2
AS55073 Winnipeg Internet Exchange active LG
AS55101 Daemon Defense Systems Inc. active LG
AS62589 Fort Garry Industries Ltd. active LG
AS62752 Pegboard Hosting active LG
AS62758 MFNERC Inc. active LG
AS62770 Manitoba Public Insurance active LG
AS62846 Reimer World Corp. active LG LG2
AS62962 HyLife LTD active LG
AS63318 Infotec Manitoba active LG
AS64231 24-7 Intouch Incorporated active LG
AS393431 Rogers West Consulting active LG
AS393445 Swift High active LG
AS393523 Winnipeg Internet Exchange active LG
AS393733 Oxygen Technical Services Ltd active LG
AS393927 VOI NET SOLUTIONS inactive LG
AS393987 Brandon University active LG
AS394091 Canada Drugs active LG
AS394097 Canad Corporation of Manitoba Limited active LG
AS394255 MTS Data Centres Inc active LG
AS394352 Fastnet Communications active LG
AS394422 James Richardson International Limited active LG
AS394467 Iders Incorporated   inactive LG
AS394522 Assiniboine Community College active LG
AS394989 Gene’s Telecom active LG
AS395089 Hextet Systems active LG
AS395248 Loewen   inactive LG
AS395295 The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company   inactive LG
AS395338 RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg active LG
AS395588 Zirro active LG
AS395653 Princess Auto Ltd   inactive LG
AS395755 Valley Internet Service Provider, LTD   inactive LG
AS396045 Spliced Networks Inc.   inactive LG
AS396084 Qualico inactive LG


  • Total ASNs: 81
    • IPv4 only: 37 or 45%
    • IPv6 Allocation: 36 or 44%
    • IPv6 Allocation Advertised: 33 or 40%

I have created a graph showing the growth of Manitoban ASNs, using chart.js.

Update History

2017-03-03: Added new ASN: AS396084

2017-02-21: Added new ASN: AS396045

2016-12-01: Added new ASN: AS395755

2016-11-06: Added new ASN: AS395653

2016-10-14: Added new ASN: AS395588

2016-09-20: AS395388 advertising own IPv4 now.

2016-07-27: Removed AS21876 (formerly HED Insurance and Risk Services)

2016-07-12: AS393987 advertising own IPv4 now.

2016-07-05: Added new ASN: AS395338

2016-06-24: Added new ASNs: AS395248 and AS395295.

2016-05-06: AS394352 now advertising IPv4.

2016-04-12: Added new ASN: AS395089. AS395089 now advertising IPv4 and IPv6.

2016-03-11: AS394989 now advertising IPv4.

2016-03-10: Added new ASN: AS394989.

2016-03-07: AS64231 now advertising IPv4.

2016-02-26: AS15102 now advertising IPv6.

2016-02-10: AS31914 now advertising IPv6.

2015-12-15: Added AS64231. Added IPv6 for AS18534. AS18472 advertising IPv6.

2015-10-30: AS21876, AS22839, AS23001, AS32433, and AS54937 have disappeared from global BGP due to an atomic aggregate summarization by AS7122 on 2015-09-13.

2015-10-26: AS14338 has turned down BGP (2015-10-03).

2015-10-23: Added AS394583.

2015-10-07: Added AS394522.

2015-10-04: AS394466 has turned up IPv4.

2015-09-19: Added AS394467.

2015-09-18: Added AS394466.

2015-09-14: AS20291 has been assigned an IPv6 prefix.

2015-09-03: Added AS394422.

2015-08-19: Added AS394352.

2015-08-13: AS394255 has turned up BGP.

2015-08-12: AS32557 has been removed.

2015-08-11: AS31914 has been assigned an IPv6 prefix.

2015-08-07: AS14099 has been assigned an IPv4 prefix.

2015-07-27: AS394255 has been assigned an IPv6 prefix.

2015-07-22: Added AS394255

2015-06-12: Added AS394097

2015-06-10: Added AS394091

2015-05-15: Added AS393987

2015-04-30: Added AS393927

2015-04-17: AS393445 has started announcing an IPv4 prefix

2015-03-10: AS393733 has been allocated an IPv4 prefix

2015-03-03: MTS appears to have started using AS7122 once again, now announcing 37 IPv4 prefixes (up from 2) including those from 4 downstream ASNs

2015-02-10: AS393445 has been allocated an IPv4 prefix

2015-01-30: Added AS14099

2014-12-10: Added AS393733

2014-12-05: AS20291 now advertising IPv4. AS22839 online after month-long BGP hiatus.

2014-12-02: Added AS63318 (also announcing IPv4)

2014-11-25: Added AS20291

2014-10-23: AS18534, AS393431 now announcing IPv4. AS30028 now announcing IPv6.

2014-10-21: Added AS18534

2014-10-03: Added AS22995

2014-09-19: Added AS19041, AS20273, AS21876, AS46920, AS62846

2014-09-11: AS18472 now advertising its own V4 (instead of AS15290)

2014-07-31: AS393523 now advertising V4/V6

2014-07-23: Add AS7442, AS23001

2014-07-14: Add Statistics

2014-07-12: Add Winnipeg Internet Exchange (AS393523), Add AS32557

2014-07-05: Change to table layout

2014-07-02: Change into dedicated page, Add AS18472, AS393445, AS393431

2014-05-23: AS30028 was allocated 2605:7480::/32

2014-04-21: Add AS6539, AS7122

2014-04-19: Add AS19016