Theodore Baschak
Theodore Baschak
Routing Guru. IPv6 Advocate. Operator of Hextet Systems (AS395089).
Jun 12, 2019 1 min read

Northwest Territories BGP/ASN Status

Icon Status Key

Icons are from a BGP advertisement perspective.

Icon Meaning
v4 IPv4 advertisement(s)
no v4 IPv4 not advertised
v6 IPv6 advertisement(s)
no v6 IPv6 not advertised
ASN Name v4 / v6 BGP BGP LG
AS13872 Tamarack Computers Ltd. v4 v6 Inactive LG
AS22684 SSI Micro Ltd. v4 v6 Active LG
AS33594 Government of the Northwest Territories v4 v6 Active LG
AS54191 Ice Wireless Inc. v4 v6 Active LG


  • Total ASNS: 4
  • Active ASNs: 3 or 75.00%
    • Dualstack IPv4+IPv6: 1 or 25.00%
    • IPv6 Advertised: 1 or 25.00%
    • IPv6 only: 0 or 0.00%
    • IPv4 only: 2 or 50.00%