Below is the status today for all ASNs I could find that operate in Prince Edward Island, or are Prince Edward Island Companies. I check the status of each ASN fairly often and update things as they change. Please Contact Me if you have any updates.

Icon Status Key

Icons are from a BGP advertisement perspective.

Icon Meaning
IPv4 advertisement(s)
IPv4 not advertised
IPv6 advertisement(s)
IPv6 not advertised

ASN Status Table

Prince Edward Island ASNs

ASN Name v4 / v6 BGP BGP LG
AS691 University of P.E.I Inactive LG
AS7860 University of Prince Edward Island Active LG
AS7950 Holland College Inactive LG
AS18814 Atlantic Technology Centre Inc Active LG
AS33040 ISN Wireless Active LG
AS40209 Wicked EH Incorporated Active LG


  • Total ASNS: 6
  • Active ASNs: 4 or 66.67%
    • Dualstack IPv4+IPv6: 2 or 33.33%
    • IPv6 Advertised: 2 or 33.33%
    • IPv6 only: 0 or 0.00%
    • IPv4 only: 2 or 33.33%

Graph showing the growth of Prince Edward Island ASNs, using chart.js.

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