Below is the status today for all ASNs I could find that operate in Saskatchewan, or are Saskatchewan Companies. I check the status of each ASN fairly often and update things as they change. Please Contact Me if you have any updates.

Icon Status Key

Icons are from a BGP advertisement perspective.

Icon Meaning
IPv4 advertisement(s)
IPv4 not advertised
IPv6 advertisement(s)
IPv6 not advertised

ASN Status Table

Saskatchewan ASNs

ASN Name v4 / v6 BGP BGP LG
AS803 Saskatchewan Telecommunications Active LG
AS4143 Unibase Telecom Ltd Active LG
AS10980 Stafford Communications, Inc. Active LG
AS14336 eHealth Saskatchewan Active LG
AS18968 Quadrant Newmedia Corp. Active LG
AS19792 Yourlink Inc. Active LG
AS19928 Interactive Tracking Systems Active LG
AS20218 BlackSun Inc. Active LG
AS21804 Access Communications Co-operative Limited Active LG
AS22950 University of Saskatchewan Active LG
AS26206 University of Regina Active LG
AS26501 Saskatchewan Telecommunications Inactive LG
AS26806 SRNet Saskatchewan Research Network Inc. Active LG
AS27628 Innovation Place Active LG
AS30105 Saskatoon Board of Education Inactive LG
AS30324 SaskEnergy Inc. Active LG
AS30381 cfactor Works Inc Active LG
AS30580 SaskPower Active LG
AS32191 Viterra Inc Inactive LG
AS36479 SGI Active LG
AS40092 Loose Foot Computing Limited Active LG
AS46210 Saskatoon Internet Exchange Inc Inactive LG
AS46612 Viterra Inc Active LG
AS53543 EVSL Active LG
AS53615 Saskatoon Police Service Inactive LG
AS54980 Redbird Communications Inc Active LG
AS55017 VDC Virtual Data Corp. Active LG
AS393598 Affinity Credit Union 2013 Active LG
AS393607 Innovation Place Active LG
AS393891 Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Inc. Active LG
AS394366 City of Saskatoon Active LG
AS394995 SRNet Saskatchewan Research Network Inc. Inactive LG


  • Total ASNS: 32
  • Active ASNs: 26 or 81.25%
    • Dualstack IPv4+IPv6: 10 or 31.25%
    • IPv6 Advertised: 10 or 31.25%
    • IPv6 only: 0 or 0.00%
    • IPv4 only: 16 or 50.00%

Graph showing the growth of Saskatchewan ASNs, using chart.js.

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