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An Exercise in Systems Thinking or Stupidity... Your Choice

I was recently read into a Problem for which the particular vendor was downplaying the severity of the issue and the usual games of Enterprising ‘saving face.

Inadvertent Transit

This blog post is about an actual real life, local network situation that happened several days ago. This is an excellent learning example about a perfect storm of small things causing a network outage.

Fastnetmon on Ubuntu 18.04

I’ve spent some time trying to manually install Fastnetmon community edition on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver. I was unsuccessful. However, I didn’t do an apt-cache search fastnetmon.

MRT Dumps with GoBGP

I’ve been logging BGP route updates into MySQL for some time but this doesn’t scale well, and on my hobby VM system, requires that I dump the DB and start over once a day.

The Road to MPLS

This year I’ve build two totally different MPLS Service Provider networks. One network has limited MPLS with VPLS on Mikrotik, the other is a full MPLS L3VPN on HPE Comware gear.

AS112 and BIRD

AS112 provides an anycasted reverse DNS sink hole for the private addresses set aside in RFC1918 and RFC6890. Using BIRD to inject an AS112 instance into your own system is quick, easy, and painless!