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BGP Hijacking Goes Mainstream

Presentation given at The Long Con 2018. In past years talks Theo has talked extensively about BGP, and BGP hijacking. In 2018 we've seen several instances of where BGP hijacking has been combined with other methods to steal cryptocurrency.

Operating your own BGP Autonomous System on the Internet

Presentation given at BSsidesWpg 2017. Border Gateway Protocol or BGP for short, is the standardized, open protocol that allows ISPs of all sizes to form routing relationships with other ISPs, carriers, and Internet Exchanges. Theo will talk about challenges he has faced operating his own personal BGP Autonomous System (as395089) since April 2016.

BGP, some Python, and a DB

Presentation given at BSidesWpg 2015. How do services like BGPmon and Dyn provide Internet Intelligence? This talk described the process of building a small-scale BGP update logger, running it on a single AS, and then scaling it up.

SaltStack (for System Administrators)

Presentation given at MUUG Meeting February 2015. An overview for beginners who have never used SaltStack before. Covering everything from installation, basic commands, templating, states, pillars, and of course mass deployment/upgrades.

Managing Nagios Configs with Git

One of the complaints I often hear from people unfamiliar with Nagios is how complex the config files are. Back up configs, while keeping diffs of each batch of changes made. Use git! (INCOMPLETE)

IPv6 Introduction

Presentation being prepared for delivery at an upcoming Skullspace Hackathon. Topics to include: standards, addressing, subnetting, new IPv6 concepts (SLAAC, “Happy Eyes”), and a lengthy Q and A session. (INCOMPLETE)

Intro Linux Security 2

Canadian Cyber Defense Challenge Prep, Presentation delivered to a full classroom of interested highschool students, Skullspace Classroom.

InfoSec from an ISP’s Perspective

Presentation given at BSidesWpg 2013 on current security issues facing Internet Service Providers and other large networks. Notable topics include: BGP Hijacking, Spoofed packets, Abusable UDP Services & DDoS Attacks.