Managing Nagios Configs with Git

Theo Baschak


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Who I Am

  • Primary Network Administrator of VOI Network Solutions – Winnipeg-based commercial Internet Service Provider and carrier.
  • Involved with both Internet Exchanges in Winnipeg.
    • Elected member on the Board of Directors for MBIX.
    • Also involved with the creation and technical operations of WpgIX.
  • Avid opensource software user/fanatic, and recently, contributor.

My Life with Nagios

  • Running Nagios since ~2006.
    • Mainly for ISP monitoring.
    • Mainly active checks from a central host.
    • Also agent based checks (NRPE, Salt)
  • I run 2 distributed Nagios processes.
    • 1 on Voi Networks (v4/v6)
    • 1 on Vultr (v4/v6)

Why Manage Configs w/ Git?

  • Automatically backs up your configs.
  • Easy to view when changes were made, and what exact changes were made.
    • Patches can be made to distribute changes to other instances.

Questions / End

  • Question & Answer period as time permits.
  • Presentation source/download available at github