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Genes Telecom MPLS Network Redesign

Genes Telecom is an established residential and business Service Provider in Northern Manitoba. Specifically The Pas and surrounding area (Cranberry Portage, Wanless, Bakers Narrows, Rocky Lake, Clearwater Lake, & Flin Flon), Thompson, and Snow Lake.

Theos Recipes

I like spicy food, and I like cooking my own spicy food as well. Theo’s Recipes began in mid-2017 when I posted the recipe I use to make my red lentit curry dahl.

Injecting BGP Blackholes with Fastnetmon

Hextet Systems (as395089) is a hobby/research ASN that I operate. It operates out of 1 datacenter in downtown Winnipeg (currently). One of the users of the IP space that Hextet Systems advertises via BGP is Coldhak who operates several Tor exit relays.