Genes Telecom - MPLS Network Redesign

Project Timeframe: 2018 Q1 & Q2
Project Scope: The scope of the project included all planning, testing, and configuration of devices.


Genes Telecom Network, 2018
Screenshot: Theodore Baschak / All Rights Reserved

Genes Telecom is an established residential and business Service Provider in Northern Manitoba. Specifically The Pas and surrounding area (Cranberry Portage, Wanless, Bakers Narrows, Rocky Lake, Clearwater Lake, & Flin Flon), Thompson, and Snow Lake.


A previous network redesign project had taken the network from a flat layer 2 network to a fully routed OSPF network, using BGP externally.

QoS and VPLS

The next level up from fully routed ISP network is a Service Provider (SP) network. The most commonly supported way to accomplish this is by using MPLS, and VPLS to provide layer 2 services (with priority levels) across that fully routed MPLS network.

Changes and improvements:

  1. Internal BGP Anycast
  2. MPLS
  3. Layer 2 service delivered over VPLS
  4. QoS everywhere using Layer 3 DSCP bits, Layer 2 VLAN priority bits, and MPLS EXP bits
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