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A BGP Slash Command

If you’re using Slack then you should already know how easy it is to integrate almost anything into slack using its web APIs. If you’re not already using Slack, what are you waiting for?


I’ve been waiting to add some features to for a while, but the way in which I was handling API endpoints at the moment needed to change before I could accommodate anything fancier – at the moment I was using simple Server Side Includes (“SSI” in 90’s Apache web server terminology) and some mime-type modifications to fake API endpoints.

Does Everything Still Work?

Does everything still work? This is a question often asked after changes in your environment. Whether its routing/switching changes, firewall rule set/policy changes, or software upgrades, having a pre-defined set of tests which should all pass makes it very easy to run whenever you need re-assurance that things are operating properly.

IP Quail API

While I’ve been supporting making requests to with useragent curl and responding with only plaintext, I don’t have a formal API for the site.