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Well Executed Network Upgrades

This past weekend a colleague and I executed a successful core network change, from stacked Cisco 3750G’s to Brocade ICX6610’s. We have been planning this upgrade for the past six months, and the extensive planning and testing before hand paid off – only three small things were missed, none of which were show stoppers.

Brocade ICX Basics

I’ve been exposed to several different models of Brocade ICX switches lately, both the ICX6430 and the ICX6610. The ICX6430 is a low end gigabit-only, stackable layer2 access switch platform.

Epic Technology Day Spring 2014

I attended Epic Technology Day (Wednesday, April 23, 2014) for the first time this year. I’ve often wanted to go, but not been sure of my schedule.

First Brocade CLI Experiences

I used Brocade equipment for the first time this week. Coming from primarily Cisco environments, but also having a little experience with HP Procurve (CLI and web-managed switches) and Dell web-managed switches, I was a little lost, but eventually found a few blogs with some base configs, and got used to the way of assigning VLANs to ports.