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Filtering with BGP Communities

Otherwise known as Filtering BGP Advertisements Using BGP Communities For Fun and Profit but that made the layout terrible. Filtering BGP advertisements using communities is a simple and effective way to control your advertisements.

Gracefully Shutting Down An IXP

This post is a guest blog by Manitoba Internet Exchange Network Administrator, Jonathan Stewart. This post was brought to you by a real situation at MBIX.

SSH Pubkeys with Cisco IOS 15

One of the new features of IOS 15 that I’m most excited about is the ability to use RSA public key authentication. This works on both switches and routers.

Observium November Release

Right along time with its six-month release schedule, Observium 0.14.11 has been released. Upgrading, as always, is simple. Backup your installation, and then unpack the new files over the old ones.

Fully IPv6 Enabled

With the deployment of a new nameserver at DigitalOcean NYC3 yesterday (to replace one at NYC2, which doesn’t have IPv6), I have hit a fairly significant personal milestone – All of my public facing services are now fully IPv6 enabled.

Well Executed Network Upgrades

This past weekend a colleague and I executed a successful core network change, from stacked Cisco 3750G’s to Brocade ICX6610’s. We have been planning this upgrade for the past six months, and the extensive planning and testing before hand paid off – only three small things were missed, none of which were show stoppers.