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Mikrotik, VRRP, and IPv6

I recently setup IPv6 first-hop redundancy in my colocated environment using Mikrotik and VRRP. It didn’t work the same way I’d come to expect from using it in IPv4 environments and I set out to figure out why.

HA Authoritative DNS w/ dnsdist

I ran into an obscure limitation in PowerDNS 4.0 authoritative server recently. I have one nameserver which also acts as a slave to two other sets of zones with are transfered using AXFR.

dnsdist with pdns recursors

PowerDNS makes a mighty fine authoritative, and also recursive DNS server. They also recently added a DNS-aware DNS load balancer. This article deals with load balancing multiple backend caches to keep all of them hot and working the most efficiently.

Load Balancing DNS with dnsdist

I first came across dnsdist in a NANOG post in the discussion of exploitation of a BIND DOS bug last summer. Jared Mauch had recommended dnsdist to easily implement DNS backend diversity.

HTML Email with Nagios

“But can you make the alerts look nicer?” I’ve always liked the simple, plain text, easily customized commands used for email and SMS alerting in Nagios.

How I Use Nagios

I have been using Nagios extensively to monitor infrastructure that I am interested in for about 10 years now, and each time I build a net-new Nagios monitoring system I version the configuration.