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HTML Email with Nagios

“But can you make the alerts look nicer?” I’ve always liked the simple, plain text, easily customized commands used for email and SMS alerting in Nagios.

How I Use Nagios

I have been using Nagios extensively to monitor infrastructure that I am interested in for about 10 years now, and each time I build a net-new Nagios monitoring system I version the configuration.

Nagios and IPv6

While I’ve had most of my services IPv6 enabled for quite a while, I have not set up monitoring of those services over IPv6 yet.

Nagios Logs, Handy One-Liner

Nagios is an amazing network monitoring tool, and its logs are a greppable goldmine of information. Most of us aren’t able to convert timestamps into local dates on the fly.

SaltStack, CouchDB, and Nagios

This is a second blog post in a related series, the first is located here. Using SaltStack to run distributed monitoring checks is fun, but what is really awesome is writing the result of all those checks to CouchDB.

Service Status via SaltStack 2014.7 with Nagios

One of the most exciting new features to me in SaltStack 2014.7 is the nagios module. This module supports remote execution of nagios-plugins on your minions.