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AS112 and Exabgp

AS112 provides an anycasted reverse DNS sink hole for the private addresses set aside in RFC1918 and RFC6890. Using exabgp to inject an AS112 instance into your own system is quick, easy, and painless!

RabbitMQ - PSaaS

I wrote a small web application which I’m calling “PSaas” – Port Scan as a Service. This webapp was an opportunity for me to do some coding and interaction with RabbitMQ.

OSX Built-in TFTP Server

OSX has a built-in TFTP server, but starting it the OSX way may not be 100% obvious to you. sudo launchctl load -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist sudo launchctl start com.

HA Recursive DNS with dnsdist and exabgp

I’ve wanted to use exabgp along with dnsdist to provide anycasted, highly available recursive DNS servers ever since discovering dnsdist. This is a fourth in blog series about DNS, specifically awesome things that can be done with dnsdist.


I’ve often wished for a way of logging pings when troubleshooting connectivity problems. Today I revisited the problem using fping. fping and fping6 both have options to run a continuous ping (-l), and when combined with -D to insert the unix timestamp, can log the latency and loss to a destination in 1s increments.

Mikrotik, VRRP, and IPv6

I recently setup IPv6 first-hop redundancy in my colocated environment using Mikrotik and VRRP. It didn’t work the same way I’d come to expect from using it in IPv4 environments and I set out to figure out why.