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A BGP Slash Command

If you’re using Slack then you should already know how easy it is to integrate almost anything into slack using its web APIs. If you’re not already using Slack, what are you waiting for?

BGP and Game Performance

The makers of League of Legends, Riot Games, have posted a very interesting engineering blog about how they’ve engineered their AS for optimal game performance.

HTML Email with Nagios

“But can you make the alerts look nicer?” I’ve always liked the simple, plain text, easily customized commands used for email and SMS alerting in Nagios.

How I Use Nagios

I have been using Nagios extensively to monitor infrastructure that I am interested in for about 10 years now, and each time I build a net-new Nagios monitoring system I version the configuration.

Mikrotik and Hairpin NAT

I recently renamed my internal LAN domain name. For some crazy reason I’d thought .int was not a public TLD and didn’t check at all before using that before the last time I renamed my internal LAN.

Monitoring Onions

One of the first questions I had when Facebook launched their onion was “I wonder how stable it is?”. Tonight with some help from torsocks I am now monitoring availability of several onions, and trending all Nagios perfdata outputs from check_http, check_ssh, and check_tcp.