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A BGP Slash Command

If you’re using Slack then you should already know how easy it is to integrate almost anything into slack using its web APIs. If you’re not already using Slack, what are you waiting for?


I’ve been waiting to add some features to for a while, but the way in which I was handling API endpoints at the moment needed to change before I could accommodate anything fancier – at the moment I was using simple Server Side Includes (“SSI” in 90’s Apache web server terminology) and some mime-type modifications to fake API endpoints.

Monitoring Onions

One of the first questions I had when Facebook launched their onion was “I wonder how stable it is?”. Tonight with some help from torsocks I am now monitoring availability of several onions, and trending all Nagios perfdata outputs from check_http, check_ssh, and check_tcp.

Running Smokeping on Jessie

I recently went thru the process of upgrading most of my virtual machines from Debian Wheezy to Debian Jessie. One of the changes that affected quite a few things was the upgrade from Apache 2.

Nagios Logs, Handy One-Liner

Nagios is an amazing network monitoring tool, and its logs are a greppable goldmine of information. Most of us aren’t able to convert timestamps into local dates on the fly.

Working with ARINs Route Registry

This blog post provides a general overview of the Internet Routing Registry. If your network does not use IRR objects, you should have enough information to begin creating your own RPSL objects after after reading this post.