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RabbitMQ - PSaaS

I wrote a small web application which I’m calling “PSaas” – Port Scan as a Service. This webapp was an opportunity for me to do some coding and interaction with RabbitMQ.

SaltStack, CouchDB, and Nagios

This is a second blog post in a related series, the first is located here. Using SaltStack to run distributed monitoring checks is fun, but what is really awesome is writing the result of all those checks to CouchDB.

Service Status via SaltStack 2014.7 with Nagios

One of the most exciting new features to me in SaltStack 2014.7 is the nagios module. This module supports remote execution of nagios-plugins on your minions.

Fully IPv6 Enabled

With the deployment of a new nameserver at DigitalOcean NYC3 yesterday (to replace one at NYC2, which doesn’t have IPv6), I have hit a fairly significant personal milestone – All of my public facing services are now fully IPv6 enabled.

Deploying a Host-Specific Fail2Ban Config with SaltStack

Let me start this off by saying in this particular example, this is the wrong way to solve the problem. I should be learning more about fail2ban, and deploying files in the action.

Deploying Fail2Ban using SaltStack

One of the realities of having public facing SSH is the continual brute force attempts. I have 3 droplets at DigitalOcean, SGP1 and NYC2 get hit much more often than LON1.