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IXP Peering Lan Hijacks

Earlier this month the local Internet Exchange I’m involved with received some reports of spam coming from the MBIX Peering LAN IP space. Normally an Internet Exchange’s Peering LAN IP space is not announced to the world via BGP.

Mikrotik and Hairpin NAT

I recently renamed my internal LAN domain name. For some crazy reason I’d thought .int was not a public TLD and didn’t check at all before using that before the last time I renamed my internal LAN.

4 ASNs Disappear in Atomic Aggregate

On Sunday, September 13th, 2015 during the wee hours of the morning a change was made by AS7122 which silenced four Manitoban ASNs, and removed several other routes from the global routing table.

Manitoban BGP Growth Rate Strong

The number of Manitoban networks running BGP since 2012 has doubled. The first AS number was registered in 1996, and growth was slow and steady up until 2012.

Working with ARINs Route Registry

This blog post provides a general overview of the Internet Routing Registry. If your network does not use IRR objects, you should have enough information to begin creating your own RPSL objects after after reading this post.

SSH Pubkeys with Cisco IOS 15

One of the new features of IOS 15 that I’m most excited about is the ability to use RSA public key authentication. This works on both switches and routers.