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Deploying Fail2Ban using SaltStack

One of the realities of having public facing SSH is the continual brute force attempts. I have 3 droplets at DigitalOcean, SGP1 and NYC2 get hit much more often than LON1.

Well Executed Network Upgrades

This past weekend a colleague and I executed a successful core network change, from stacked Cisco 3750G’s to Brocade ICX6610’s. We have been planning this upgrade for the past six months, and the extensive planning and testing before hand paid off – only three small things were missed, none of which were show stoppers.

Deploying a Nameserver at DigitalOcean in 2 minutes

One of the great things about DigitalOcean is that you can spin up a new small sized Debian VM in under 55 seconds. All that remains is to log in, add the Salt Debian repo, add the salt signing key, and then run state.

Debian Package Caching

By starting to use SaltStack to administrate my Debian VMs I’ve saved myself a lot of time logging into each machine, running apt-get update; apt-get upgrade.

SaltStack Automation

I’ve been hearing about SaltStack for some time now, and have taken a peek at it, but never set it up. This week I changed that and set up a salt-master and several (OK, 10) salt-minions to take commands from the master.

Manually Patching ESXi (5.5)

I’ve been running the free version of ESXi in my basement for years, and have been well served by it. One of the things that is always somewhat of a pain is patching.